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New Literary / Creative Nonfiction — ISBN - 1451591314 — EAN - 139781451591316


About My Paris Book

Invasion of the neighborhood snatchers rolls in way before Fat Tuesday and THAT is when we head for Paris.
Mardi Gras Time is WILD! » My Paris Book makes everything easier =

What you wish to see, do and eat is in your Paris book.

Years ago, I started making guide books for our Paris visits. Food, art, brocantes, music ...
Every curiosity and personal interest was
organized and easy to find in the book.

People would see my Paris book and ask, "Where did you get that book?!"

My Paris Book is small enough to bring along everywhere.

"Fabulous keepsake!"
T. S., Virginia

Everything was easier
with my Paris book."

F. K., Alabama

"As important as my
airline ticket!" — S. M., California

My Paris Book gets you everywhere you wish.
My Paris Book gets you everywhere you wish.


Custom-made for you.

Easy to use and carry.




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